6 Things that only people with " LOW SELF " hypothesize on Facebook

One of the most famous social networking is undoubtedly Facebook, in which we share a number of texts and images with millions of people daily are connected. Many share opinions, moods, videos, photographs, among many others.

Experts have determined that what you share on Facebook says a lot about your personality and intelligence, as they say, the content of the publications you make a projection of yourself and your hobbies. Each shared thing can determine your fears, complexes, traumas, paranoia, your ego and even your values and education. It is therefore advisable to analyze very well what they want to raise this social network to not expose. Even some of your publications shout to the four winds that have low self-esteem, see the following.

1. Share your location. What do you want to show others doing this? Probably you realize you have the ability to give great life and you spend big to publish you've traveled to this site, you've attended a concert or you are traveling by plane. If so why not enjoy better? great moments are lost while we spent glued to the cell or obsess about a social network. In addition, your safety is not the most advisable to be specifying where you are.

2. When you publish photos in the gym. The upload pictures and show you're in the gym will not make you multiply the results of the gym. And these days it is hard to see someone who does not publish when going to the gym. If you don't public, it means you were not?

3. Share photos of your meals. If your contacts do not care in the least your mood, do you think they care what you go to eat? Why not enjoy the pleasures of life? (Which of course the first one is eating), rather than checking every 5 seconds your phone to see who gave like your photograph. Or do you need a certain number of likes to start eating?

4. Share (or rather presume) all purchases you've made. Definitely show your low self-esteem. How different, important or special makes you share your shopping? There is nothing more unbearable than someone conceited. At some point all of us have absolutely gone or going shopping and that does not make us better than anybody. And if you've purchased is the IPhone, do us a favor and avoid uploading it avoids such ridiculousness.

5. Pictures of your car or in your car presuming the brand.

6. Multiple selfies. The University of Arkansas shared that people upload photos constantly, it is because of the insecurity they have. They need to be accepted by others, therefore selfies constant rise from its best angles to be flattered. But besides them if you are someone who uses Photoshop, you definitely deserve to be eliminated for all your contacts.

- You own your wall and have the right to publish whatever you want, I just share with you my analysis.

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