TUNNEL FM Chart - Top 20! [Week 22]

TUNNEL FM Chart - Top 20!

01. Charles Murdoch - Straws (Original Mix) [Future Classic]
02. Kartell - Attracted (Original Mix) [Roche Musique]
03. Powerdress - Matter Of Time (Extended Mix) [White Label]
04. Flow & Zeo - Looking For (Adana Twins Remix) [Warung Recordings]
05. Super Flu - Chee Pso Ng Feat. Ole Biege (Original Mix) [Hommage]
06. Sau Poler - Bercy (XXXY Remix) [Atomnation]
07. Rudimental - Never Let You Go (Original Mix) (Weiss Remix) [Atlantic]
08. Feiertag Feat. David Dam - Damn You (Full Crate Remix) [Bmkltsch Rcrds]
09. ED ED - Deep In Your Soul (Original Mix) [DFTD]
10. All The People - The Hills (NVWLS Remix) [100BillionWires]
11. Arches Feat. Karen Harding - New Love (Barber Remix) [POTION]
12. Eekkoo & Flowers and Sea Creatures - 4th Bell (Henry Saiz Remix) [Natura Sonoris]
13. Deneha - Pretty Lies Feat. Cari Golden (Eric Volta Is Trapped In A Cannibal Holocaust Mix) [Inyan Music]
14. Ante Perry & Maxim Lany - Move Me Feat. Audio City Soul [Lany Recordings]
15. Edgar Peng - Hot Mama's Paradise (Original Mix) [Tonkind]
16. Patryk Molinari - Red Room (Original Mix) [Ritter Butzke Studio]
17. Marten Sundberg - Fata Morgana (Original Mix) [mooseekaa]
18. Levitation Feat. Cathy Battistessa - More Than Ever People (Wild Culture Remix) [Boy´s Deep] 19. Kid Only - Acid Connection (Tapesh Remix) [Criminal Hype]
20. Cassini - Counting Change (Original Mix) [Tricks]