Outstanding stuff soon on Trick Track Records.

Artists): BICKS, Caligàrio, Key clef, reash, Turbokitchen (VA)
Title: Springed
Label: Trick Track Records
Release Date: 31/03
Catalogue Number: TRCK13


1) Bicks - Delusional Illusion (Original Mix)
2) Caligàrio - &repeat (Original Mix)
3) Key Clef - Breaking Heart (Original Mix)
4) Reash - Somehow (Original Mix)
5) Turbokitchen - Falling From (Original Mix)

Release info: Springed is a VA release like no other. Released on emerging Dutch imprint Trick Track, it brings 5 artists together for a sound tour-de-force that brings us down many hidden passages and introduces us to crevices worth delving deep into along the way. Primed for summertime floors, it hints at how the upcoming warm season effects the emotional state of DJs the world over, and how this is all reflected in the music each one plays.

All five artists on show come from 2 latin-influenced countries, Romania and Italy, and all the tracks spiral along a similar contour. The VA showcases each artist's theme in their own inimitable fashion, as their many influences and far-reaching perspectives are beautifully laid out for our aural pleasure.

“I’ve looked into the idea that a spring sampler should illustrate a pallet of sound, much like a painting. Each artist’s track on the sampler ought to blend with each other like colors on a pallet but at the same time drive a unique feeling. It’s something I’ve noticed in old paintings. If you mix a similar pallet of colors with colors that oppose the pallet, by managing them accordingly, they send out your desired emotion” says the label owner, Vlad. He's not wrong either. Our advice? Delve deep into the worlds of Bicks, Caligàrio, Key Clef, Reash and Turbokitchen. We promise you won't be let down.